I have used Vivacity RTO Coaching & Consulting to undertake our initial application and audit. Fantastic!

Now that we are running with wet sales, Vivacity is always there for advice.

As an annual member they provide us with all the current RTO forms and documents specific for our company.

I have had the occasion to us Vivacity to undertake the add to scope process for new units and courses. This has been absolutely amazing, as they work you through all the documents and build the background, where we only need to add relevant information. Never a problem with approvals.

I can highly recommend Vivacity for any RTO in any field, as they make compliance and operating an RTO a sane process!

If you are out there trying to do it all by yourself, take off the rose coloured glasses and at least become a member with Vivacity, you will never look back!

Give Angela and her team a call.