“When FIREGROUND first entertained the idea of becoming an RTO, as CEO I spent enormous hours researching what was required and staring down the barrel of potential changes in the goal posts (New standards). We then approached Vivacity RTO Coaching to provide a portfolio of documentation, advice, and support to make FIREGROUND ready for Audit as an RTO, with ASQA.

We have just completed our initial audit, while not 100% compliant we are now working together to undertake some rectification of Assessment Tools and minor documentation. After the audit with reflection of where FIREGROUND was and where we are now, I acknowledge that it was not possible with out Vivacity. After reflection, I can say if anybody is remotely contemplating of doing and application and initial audit under there own power and effort.

You have to be dreaming!  

I certainly believe that without Vivacity we would be less compliant and have a lot more grey hairs. Thank you Vivacity for an amazing and diligent process and support with policy, procedures and documentation to be compliant in the majority of standards. Bloody brilliant and thanks.”