Does your RTO need a checkup?

From internal audit to action plan

An internal audit is the best way to gain a snapshot of your RTO Compliance and with our RTO SystemsCheck Package we also provide you with two days of coaching to assist you with all your RTO questions.

During the internal audit we will provide you with advice on how to best prepare for an ASQA Audit, which includes identifying the improvements you can implement based on our extensive experience.

Following the audit we will provide you with an action plan that you can use to get your RTO back on track.

What’s in the package?

  • We conduct a SystemsCheck of your RTO through a desk and site audit
  • During the SystemsCheck, we provide advice on how to improve your RTO, identify opportunities for improvement and give you professional advice on how to develop your RTO
  • We provide you with an action plan for your RTO to use as a tool to fix non-compliances

During the audit a review will be undertaken of the following:

  • Training and Assessment Strategies to ensure that they comply with ASQA requirements
  • A sample of the RTO’s Training and Assessment tools against Training Package and the AQF requirements
  • Continuous Improvement practices and how the RTO is collecting, analysing and acting on relevant data
  • Policies and Procedures to identify how staff and students are being informed of their rights and responsibilities including the appropriate Legislation
  • Identify how RTO is consulting with industry and whether they are effectively collecting data
  • Trainers files to ensure that they meet auditing requirements
  • Position Descriptions to identify if they include relevant responsibilities and performance criteria
  • Enrolment Form and marketing material distributed to clients prior to enrolment
  • Data Provisioning being utilised by the RTO
  • Complaints and Appeals Policy and Process
  • Financial processes, including Refunds and fee structures
  • Appropriate Insurance is in place
  • Certificates & Statements of Attainment to ensure they comply with format requirements
RTO SystemsCheck Package