With Vivacity Membership, you are running your RTO Smarter!


As a Vivacity member, you’re entitled to Big Benefits that help you get the most out of your RTO experience. We offer webinars to keep you informed about the world of compliance, which includes tips and tricks that we have learnt through attending over 100 ASQA audits, updates on the constant changes in legislation, policies, procedures and documentation that have undergone the trials and tribulations of ASQA Audits. We offer informational services covering expert assistance on everything from what should be on your Certificates, preparing for audits, implementing a continuous improvement approach throughout your organisation, to questions about managing your ongoing compliance and your general RTO operation.

To show you what I mean, here’s what you’ll find coming your way when you join:

  • QUALITY & COMPLIANCE MANUAL – A user guide on how to run an RTO, that has been written specifically against the Standards for Registered Training Organisations and the VET Quality Framework, which has been tried and tested through over 100 ASQA Audits in the last 4 years
  • STUDENT HANDBOOK – A manual that provides all the key information that students must know before commencement of their training, as well as procedures to follow to meet the compliance requirements for Credit Transfer, Complaints and Appeals, Support Services, Enrolment procedures, Changes to Agreed Services, other relevant legislation
  • TRAINER HANDBOOK – A manual for your Trainers providing them with policies and procedures for managing Assessments, Assessment Validation, Training and Assessment Strategies, Student Management and providing Support Services
  • VIVACITY MEMBERSHIP WEBINARS – Live Monthly Webinars with an experienced RTO Compliance expert, which includes training on how to implement the Policies and Procedures into your organisation. These webinars are exclusively for Vivacity members only … with practical training on how to implement Compliance in your RTO… facts on new developments … policies … procedures … ASQA rules and regulations … tips on RTO proficiency … compliance skills … less expensive and more enjoyable implementation of a continuous improvement approach to your compliance … and much more!
  • OVER 80 COMPLIANCE DOCUMENTS – with over 80 documents that you can use for Human Resources (including contracts and Position Descriptions), Enrolment Form, marketing materials, industry consultation, LLN Assessments, Support Services, Traineeships, Work Placement, and many discount opportunities. Add it all up, and that’s “RTO smart” … being informed and well covered with your compliance management!
  • RTO EXPERTS – Access to a dedicated Client Liaison Officer and a team of RTO Experts, who can assist you with your day to day questions on managing your compliance, implementing the policies and procedures, questions about ASQA and their processes, systematic approach to managing ongoing compliance

Most importantly, with increasing government regulation of RTO’s, Vivacity acts as your “ASQA Watchdog” — giving you access to experienced experts who have ASQA Audit experience to help you protect your RTO interests. The Vivacity team of experts provides you with a pool of knowledge that has the experience in audits and running RTO’s that you are looking for, for a fraction of the cost of hiring an expert in-house.



The team at Vivacity are passionate about the Training Industry and the impact training has on our community, and like you we want quality training services too. So we understand what your needs are as an RTO, including the types of information and services that you need to manage successful compliance. When it comes right down to it, Vivacity is a team of experts from the RTO Industry working together for other RTO’s … it’s that simple. That’s why you’ll find useful services such as …

Expert Advice — fast, expert help on your specific RTO Compliance questions or problems. From questions on certification requirements, AVETMISS database requirements, Unique Student Identifier, ASQA processes, Training and Assessment Strategies, Trainer/Assessor skills and qualifications, Assessment Tools, Training Resources and Renewing Registration, all you have to do is ask!

Training in RTO Compliance – Through our monthly webinars, we will teach you how to implement the policies and procedures into your RTO, which is a lot easier than just reading a manual (that more often than not gets left on the shelf). Check out this link to one of our latest Webinars on YouTube

Assessment Tool Advice – We will provide advice on where to purchase the best assessment tools, or redirect you to one of our experts who you can engage to assist you with developing your own assessment tools

Up to date Documentation – As our documents are subject to so many audits every year, they are continually getting updated to meet the requirements of ASQA, which means that you will have documentation that is continually kept up to date with the latest requirements of the Standards.


In these days of rising inflation, it’s hard to hang on to a dollar! That’s why we try to help you save by arranging for discounts wherever possible … To improve your bottom line. For instance, here are some of the discounts you’re eligible for as a Vivacity Member …

  • SystemsCheck – This is where we come into your RTO and undertake an internal audit of your RTO against the Standards for RTO’s, reviewing your organisations compliance to the standards. As you will already have our Policies, Procedures and Documentation, the majority of your RTO will already be compliant, so you will only need a one-day audit (normally we would need two days), which means you save money and time. We offer all our Members a very special discount that no one else has access to, which is 50% cheaper than our standard SystemsCheck
  • 10% Off our other Services – We have a range of services that you may be interested in, including our AddOn Package, whereby we assist you with adding qualifications to your scope of Registration.

As you can tell by now, Vivacity is a well-rounded Consultation service … run by and for RTOs!

Vivacity was designed with you, the RTO Manager/Owner, in mind … and has the experience and proven ability to put you in touch with all facets of general compliance management. It’s simple: Vivacity works for you!


All this for a low $4097 a year, now $4097 is minimal compared to the investment you’ve made in effort and expense to get your RTO established and operating …and yet $4097 is a big investment to ensure your ongoing compliance without the stress of having a full time staff member dedicated to managing your compliance!


All you need to do is accept our quote and we will get you started straight away… so you won’t lose any time before you can take advantage of all the benefits of being a Vivacity Member. We will be waiting to welcome you to Vivacity!