Need to know if your registered training organisation is compliant? An RTO auditor can help gauge the level of compliance and what changes may be necessary. Vivacity RTO Coaching and Consulting is a provider of registered training organisation compliance services around Australia. The company offers a variety of workshops, training, and packages geared specifically to ensuring compliance and making sure that your RTO is ultimately successful.

The RTO SystemsCheck package is a sort of internal RTO auditor that will help an owner get a snapshot of the current state of compliance. As part of the package, Vivacity provides two days of coaching to help RTOs with any questions about their compliance.

Vivacity has other packages such as the RTO Reboot, which can also help make sure an organisation is compliant. Whether you are preparing for an ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority) re-registration audit or you just want to make sure your RTO is up to date, the Reboot package will meet your needs.

A Vivacity membership can ensure that your RTO maintains its compliance acting like an RTO auditor. As part of the membership, you receive the quality and compliance policies and procedures manual. There is access to monthly webinars as well as access to all the forms necessary to ensure compliance. You also have your own client liaison office that can assist with any compliance questions at any time.