Failing to comply with ASQA standards in an official audit can have significant consequences for your organisation. While the Australian Skills Quality Authority does usually allow RTOs to rectify their oversights if and when they fail their initial audits, wouldn’t you rather pass the initial audit with flying colours? Being compliant from the get-go cuts a lot of the nerves and nail-biting out of the process of establishing a registered training organisation. In turn, you will have more time to spend on making sure that your RTO is ready to offer students the best educational opportunities possible.

At Vivacity RTO Coaching & Consulting, it is our job to help your organisation pass the ASQA compliance audit the first time. We achieve this goal by conducting RTO audits of our own on your organisation. By getting to know your RTO, we can identify problems with your policies, procedures, materials or faculty that might cost you accreditation in a higher stakes ASQA audit.

In particular, we can help you to spot and rectify some of the common mistakes that RTOs like yours make—especially before an initial ASQA audit. Over the years, our RTO experts have been present for more than 100 ASQA audits throughout Australia. We know the red flags that ASQA auditors are looking for, and our RTO audits can help you to find and fix them so that they don’t come up in your official review.

Click here to learn more about typical RTO mistakes, from hiring the wrong trainers and assessors to failing to collect feedback from students. If you are interested in conducting a pre-audit to identify your organisation’s weaknesses, call Vivacity on 1300 729 455.