RTO Coaching Should Include Support Services, Training, and Compliance Information

Starting out in the training industry can be overwhelming. There are many RTO (or LTO) compliance issues that trip people up and put a damper on their success. A good RTO coaching organisation can help you navigate the common pitfalls of RTO/LTO compliance.

RTO obligations are numerous and trip up many people, even people experienced in running an RTO. This is partially because they often change, and partly simply because they are so complex. For example, an RTO must deliver excellent training for students, accept responsibility for all applicable compliances, and agree to participate in all audits. And exactly what constitutes excellence in training depends on many factors such as the sector of education and the location of the organisation. The details of the requirements can be confusing and frustrating, but Vivacity specialises in providing you with simplified instructions, superior RTO coaching, and easy strategies for LTO compliance.

Vivacity Utilises RTO Support Services, Coaching, and Training to Help You Succeed

The RTO experts at Vivacity have helped many organisations – experienced ones as well as brand new ones – become or stay compliant with RTO requirements and optimise their professional development opportunities.

Vivacity’s RTO support services include helping you get your initial application submitted, as well as working with you to get your policies and procedures in line with your goals. They offer several consulting packages so you can choose the best option for your team. There are consulting packages available for initial registration, registration renewal, quality and compliance, internal audit, and addition to scope. When you work with Vivacity, they provide you with advice on quality assurance, prepare you for audits, help you develop training and assessment strategies, review your current practices, help you develop training material, and help you manage and submit your necessary applications at the right time.

Vivacity can also help you through effective RTO coaching with strategic skills development, prevocational training, productivity training, and department relations. Communication is often one of the biggest problems faced by an organisation. Learning to foster healthy communication across different positions and different departments can make a world of difference to your productivity, compliance, and business success.

Vivacity’s RTO Training Includes Effective RTO Compliance Management and External Audit Preparedness

You can trust Vivacity to be up to speed on the latest developments in RTO compliance policy. They are aware of all aspects of compliance such as files, data, and current scope of registration. Vivacity can also help you be ready for an external audit and will even walk you through it. With solid strategies for compliance and strong, continuous communication and education within your organisation, Vivacity helps you stay ready so that even random audits are no problem.

Ask Vivacity today about a compliance package, workshop, or help with audits. Their expertise and value can’t be beat. You’ll be glad you partnered with this fast-growing organisation as you enjoy successful RTO compliance.