Be Ready for Your External Audit with RTO Certification and Compliance Management

It’s a great time to position yourself as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). RTOs are registered by the ASQA or a state regulator to provide training and VET services to students. RTOs can provide high-quality training and qualifications that will be nationally recognised. You can get help setting up an RTO or maintaining the one you have with an RTO coaching organisation like Vivacity RTO Coaching & Consulting.

Students need RTOs because RTOs teach nationally recognised courses and accredited VET qualifications at different levels to suit the individual needs of their students. Vivacity can help you make it simple and attainable to qualify as an RTO. They provide solutions, advice, and support every step of the way, from thinking about application submission through long-term support. You can increase efficiency in your organization and improve the service you provide to your students by becoming an RTO. An RTO compliance management consultant like Vivacity can help. Through their years of experience, the team of professionals at Vivacity understands what their clients need and the importance of deadlines.

Effective RTO Compliance Management Is Key

Australian standards do evolve over time, and so RTO compliance management means staying informed of changes in guidelines and sometimes making adjustments to your program. There are many aspects of compliance, such as recordkeeping, data provision, and keeping your scope of registration current, and staying on top of them can be overwhelming without a step-by-step plan.

Vivacity can also help with fun and informative workshops geared toward helping you and your staff understand compliance issues and develop a plan to keep your RTO running smoothly. Hold a workshop for your staff to get them up to speed on issues such as assessment validation or audit preparedness. At 3 to 5 hours each, these workshops are convenient, time- and cost-effective, and strengthen the compliance management skills of your team.

Vivacity Can Help You Manage an RTO External Audit

Vivacity can help you protect your RTO certification with compliance that will get you through an RTO external audit without breaking a sweat. External audits are performed at your location to make certain that training providers are staying within the framework of RTO compliance. Generally an audit will include assessing a sample of your strategies and materials. The auditor may interview members of your team or some of your clients. This interview may cover items such as effectiveness of management, accuracy of recordkeeping, personnel credentials, and adequacy of equipment and facilities.

Vivacity will help you develop strategies for compliance and make sure your staff stays up to speed. If an external audit is deemed a necessity for your facility, you can be ready by having continual compliance methods in place ahead of time. Planning, prevention, and communication with and among your team are some of your biggest allies when it comes to maintaining your certification and handling your external audit.