Needing to find an RTO Consultant? Available RTO Workshops in Brisbane and Newcastle and Maintaining RTO Compliance with Vitality RTO Coaching

Acquiring a status as a Registered Training Organisation can be a difficult process. Maintaining a RTO can sometimes be even more difficult. With the various qualifications and logistics that are involved in the process, such as the governmental requirements through the ASQA, constant new strategies that are being developed and used for training, and the need to stay up to date with trends within industries, keeping your RTO can be a demanding but necessary accomplishment. However, with the help of an RTO Consultant like Vivacity RTO Coaching, helping maintain your RTO compliance and status becomes easier as they help you continue to help train others.

Vivacity RTO Coaching is a company that helps other RTOs secure their status as a training organisation, whether for the first time or during the process of updating their system. With their RTO consultation services they offer, Vivacity RTO Coaching can help you continue to maintain your RTO compliance with staying current on the evolving aspects of maintaining a RTO through their different service packages and workshops.

One service package they offer that is a thorough RTO compliance and consultant service is their RTO SystemsCheck Package. This a full RTO consultation that is an internal audit of your RTOs system and structure that includes two whole days of RTO coaching and assistance. They help you prepare for your ASQA Audit, identify improvements your RTO can implement, and conclude the program with an action plan that can help your RTO stay current with all the different requirements to keep your RTO functioning with even the strictest of compliances.

They also offer a service package called the RTO ComplianceDoc Package. This is for busy RTOs that need to update their policies and procedures so that they continue to comply with changes within the VET Quality Framework and other legislative requirements. Since such a process is time consuming and exhausting with the needed research, Vivacity RTO Coaching does the researching work for you. This allows your RTO to continue with business as usual while Vivacity Coaching is behind the scenes updating your logistics. They also offer a RTO Reboot service package that can help your RTO re-register or get back on track with meeting any RTO compliances they have failed to reach before.

For other RTO consulting or compliance needs, Vivacity RTO Coaching also provides workshops in Brisbane and Newcastle that can help you maintain your RTO status. They offer a one-day workshop called RTO Compliance Workshop that gives the opportunity for RTOs to review the ASQA standards and their own system so that your team can be fully audit ready whenever the time comes. It also provides your staff the ability to understand the in’s and out’s of the VET Quality Framework.

The workshop includes tips on how to be ASQA Audit ready, how to develop TAS, effective industry consultation, what needs to be in your RTOs procedures and policies, and lastly what is continuous improvement and how to utilise it for your benefit. Vivacity RTO Coaching also has other workshops, such as an Assessment Validation Workshop that can further help your RTO team learn the basics of ASQA requirements and how to consistently comply with them.

Whatever your RTO needs, Vivacity RTO Coaching can help you with the different RTO consultant services they offer to ensure that your team is constantly working with full RTO compliance. Along with their RTO workshops in Brisbane and Newcastle, Vivacity Coaching services are easily available to any RTO that needs their effective, recommended help.