RTO Consultancy Can Help Your Organisation with an Expert Consultant or Team of Consultants

Good RTO consultants work with you every single step of the way, whether you are a beginner just starting out or a seasoned professional trying to renew your registration or add to your scope. Vivacity helps you from the very beginning, working through whether an RTO is right for you and what your other options might be should it prove impossible due to lack of proper resources such as facilities. Partnership with another RTO can provide great solutions. Vivacity can advise you on ways to do this.

If RTO certification turns out to be viable, Vivacity is able to make it a reality for your business. As your consultant, they can help you develop strategies and procedures that suit your individual RTO management needs. The required standards can be hard to meet, it can seem like there are a tremendous number of rules to juggle, and the jargon can be confusing. But Vivacity understands your needs perfectly, sorts everything out for you quickly and efficiently, and helps you implement a plan for staying compliant while also being successful as a business. In short, Vivacity gives you all the RTO help you need.

Vivacity Is One RTO Consultancy that Knows How It’s Done

Addition to scope is one of the things that Vivacity is adept at helping you handle. If there is a new qualification you’d like to offer, Vivacity RTO consultants can process your application start to finish, working with you every step of the way to help ensure success in compliance.

Vivacity takes the guesswork out of increasing your scope helping you in many ways. They will develop training and assessment strategies for any qualifications you want to add. They will help you gather industry consultation evidence by helping you identify industry connections as well as connections with other RTOs. They will make sure you understand any laws relevant to the qualifications you want to add and help you select course materials by referring you to appropriate training materials and text books that meet the standards. As your RTO consultancy, Vivacity will help you with validation of assessment tools, submit your application, and coaching you through any required audit. Let the skilled experts at Vivacity make adding to your scope easy so that your focus can be quality education.

Have an RTO Speaker from Vivacity Hold a Workshop for Your Staff

Workshops are a great way to work with your RTO consultant. Workshops are time efficient and pack a lot of vital information into just a few hours. Workshops can help you solve problems like communication and compliance issues. Vivacity has workshops appropriate for different team members and that solve problems across different aspects of RTO compliance. Learn the rights and responsibilities of managing an RTO, including helpful and innovative strategies for meeting requirements. With the extensive knowledge and experience of the Vivacity team, you will know that you are getting advice and information you can trust. You won’t believe the transformation in your organisation after a session or two after getting some RTO help from Vivacity.