Learn all there is to know about RTO registration in ACT, TAS, WA, and SA by attending RTO workshops presented by Vivacity, a registered training organisation coaching and consulting firm. The company provides RTO compliance services all over Australia. If you are looking to start an RTO or have an organisation that needs a review, let Vivacity assist you. The professionals at the company have years of experience in the training industry as well as with compliance issues. With a variety of packages available, there is something for everyone.

Professional Development RTO Workshops In Adelaide

Vivacity offers a wide range of workshops designed just for RTO administration and training staff. The workshops will provide the members of your team with the skills necessary to work within a registered training organisation. You can check the Vivacity website, www.vivacitycoaching.com.au, to see the upcoming and available RTO workshops in ACT, TAS, WA, and SA. Compliance and assessment validation workshops are normally available a few times each month in different locations around the country.

How A Vivacity Membership Can Help With RTO Registration In WA

Operating an RTO is time-consuming enough. Dealing with compliance issues and trying to keep up to date with policies and procedures that are currently in place just takes too much time away from what makes your RTO successful. A Vivacity membership can provide you with all that you need to maintain compliance in an effort to maximise the performance of your RTO. With your membership, you get the RTO ComplianceDocs package that includes all the documents your organisation needs to stay compliant. You get the compliance policies and procedures manual that adheres to the ASQA (Australian Skills Quantity Authority) standards. Your RTO also receives a client liaison officer that can help you with all compliance questions.

Packages Offered By Vivacity RTO Coaching And Consulting

Vivacity offers a number of packages to suit the needs of RTOs around ACT, WA, SA, Adelaide, and the rest of Australia. Organisations needing help with RTO registration in TAS, for example, may benefit from the RTO Kickstart. The programme provides a step-by-step guide to achieving your registered training organisation status. Once received, it is necessary to stay compliant. Vivacity provides a number of programmes geared toward maintaining compliance including the previously mentioned ComplianceDocs package. RTO SystemsCheck and RTO Reboot can help you and your organisation complete an internal audit and get back on track to make sure all compliance needs are met.

Vivacity also offers a one-day workshop entitled the Five Steps to RTO Success. It is perfect for RTO owners or those wishing to get RTO registration in SA. While registering your RTO and maintaining its compliance is important, so is the success of your organisation. This workshop can help you with strategies to build the business, meeting government requirements, where to find funding, and much more.