Trying to Acquire RTO Registration in Newcastle?

If you’re trying to find registration as a training organisation, specifically if you are in Newcastle, then Vivacity RTO Coaching & Consulting can help you. Their RTO consultations offer services to help any company seeking RTO registration in Newcastle.

Vivacity RTO Coaching & Consulting is a company that helps others register and set up a RTO, and their excellent team has years of experience within the RTO business. They have served different RTOs all across Australia, and can help any state or territory with their region’s specific legislative requirements. Their service packages are also designed to help provide sound advice and thorough assistance for any company that is beginning the process of registering as a RTO or needing to maintain their RTO compliance.

For those seeking RTO registration in Newcastle, Vivacity RTO Coaching & Consulting can help with their RTO KickStart Package. This service package provides complete assistance for the RTO registration process from beginning to end including preparation for the ASQA Audit, setting up your own training system, and further coaching after acquiring your RTO status.

Some of the specific services include a client liaison officer to assist you throughout the entire process, and all the necessary policies, procedures, forms, and documentation to help set up your RTO that has successfully been through an ASQA Audit.

This service package also includes the ability for your RTO staff to attending training workshops provided by Vivacity RTO Coaching & Consulting, specifically their RTO Compliance Workshop and Assessment Validation Workshop. All these services and more are available through Vivacity RTO Coaching & Consulting to help you acquire the RTO registration in Newcastle you want.