Have an RTO that you need to make sure is compliant? The experts at Vivacity RTO Coaching can help. The company offers a wide range of RTO workshops throughout Australia to provide your team with the specialised skills it needs to work as a registered training organisation. Vivacity’s professionals have years of experience with RTOs and training in general. The company serves organisations throughout NSW, VIC, QLD, and the rest of Australia. Whether you are an experience RTO or just trying to start one, Vivacity can provide the assistance you need to be successful.

Vivacity Packages For RTO Registration in Australia

Vivacity offers a number of workshops designed to help the modern RTO. The SystemsCheck is the best way to find out if your organisation is compliant or not. The internal audit provides two full days of coaching to answer all of your RTO registration questions. For businesses that want to focus on what they do best, the RTO ComplianceDocs package will provide you with updated policies and procedures and all of the documentation needed. You receive your own compliance team that can make sure that your RTO is up to date and compliant at all times.

Other packages include the RTO Coach, which is designed to help businesses ensure success. Maintaining compliance is important and Vivacity can assist, but the success of your business is ultimately what is most important. The RTO Coach programme provides a total coaching solution for your organisation.

Staying current with the latest ASQA standards can be time-consuming. For RTO registration in VIC, your organisation may need an audit performed by the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA). The ASQA is the nation’s regulatory body that oversees training and courses and ensures that all standards are being met. Vivacity offers the RTO Reboot, which helps you prepare for the ASQA audit by getting your RTO back on track.

The Five Steps To RTO Success

All organisations are looking to be successful, but what is it that separates the successes from the failures? Vivacity can help owners better understand RTO registration in QLD with its Five Steps To RTO Success workshop. The one-day training is spent with an industry expert who has helped other businesses become compliant and achieve success as training organisations. You will learn strategies for building the business, how to meet government requirements, dealing with the legal aspects, where to find funding, and who you need to get on your team. Workshops such as this one are perfect for anyone who wants to start an RTO, works within an RTO at the management level, or is an RTO owner. This workshop is led by Vivacity’s Director of RTO Coaching and Consulting, Angela Connell-Holden, a 15-year veteran of the training industry.

Why Choose Vivacity?

Organisations select Vivacity to help with their RTO registration in NSW for a variety of reasons. The company’s staff has years of experience working in the training industry and understands how to help RTOs in Australia become compliant. The company can also assist your RTO with coaching and consulting to help it succeed in the long run.