Want To Know How To Register A RTO? Set Up A RTO With Vivacity RTO Coaching to Make the Process Simple

If you’re looking to apply as a Registered Training Organisation but don’t know how to begin the registration process, Vivacity RTO Coaching can help you sift through the different logistics. With their programs, becoming an RTO and learning how to set up your RTO with relative ease to acquire status as a Registered Training Organisation can be relatively simple

Vivacity RTO Coaching is a trusted, RTO consulting business that helps those who are looking to acquire status as a Registered Training Organisation through their different service packages and workshops. Their staff has had years of experience and training themselves, and are fully capable of helping you begin the process of achieving your RTO status. With their knowledge of the ASQA Audit requirements, VET Quality Framework, and other legislative logistics, Vivacity RTO Coaching continues to stay on top with their superior services and efforts in helping different RTO companies acquire and maintain their registered status as a training organisation.

For those who are starting from the very beginning, Vivacity RTO Coaching can help you understand the basics of how to register as a RTO. Their RTO KickStart Package is what you’ll need. However, this service package Vivacity RTO Coaching offers goes beyond providing the necessary basics of registering as a training organisation. It supplies the tools and coaching to help you throughout the entire registration process until your RTO is strong and capable enough to function on its own.

Some of the different services that are included in this package are preparation for your application with ASQA, preparation for Financial Viability Assessment Kits with a CPA, policies and procedures manual in compliance with the VET Quality Framework requirements, and registration for two of Vivacity RTO Coaching’s training workshops, the RTO Compliance Workshop and Assessment Validation Workshop.

They also help you prepare for your industry consultation survey, select which training and assessment materials to supply for your application process, and hardcopies of your documentation to use during your audit. Vivacity Coaching will also provide you with an experience Auditor that will attending the ASQA Audit with you to coach your throughout the process.

They also included the necessary handbooks, forms, and other documentation as well as staff induction videos to help your teachers, and later students, begin training once your RTO status is secured. All these documents they provide have been through ASQA Audits with success, and ensure your RTO will comply with legislative requirements.

Additionally, all of the documentation they will supply you with comes in MS formats so that you can edit everything to according your RTOs specific needs. Vivacity RTO Coaching will also brand all documentation with your RTO company logo and name. Lastly, Vivacity RTO Coaching not only helps you set up a RTO, but they will stay with you during your RTOs first 3 months to offer coaching and assistance through the beginning of your journey.

If you want to register as a training organisation, Vivacity RTO Coaching can help you through the process of learning how to register a RTO and beginning to set up a RTO. With excellent, experienced staff, they will help you throughout the entire process from beginning to end.