There are new requirements around Transitioning from Superseded training packages, which are now included in SNR 25.1, which requires the RTO to initiate the transition.

There are no longer transition “roll-over” workshops, you are now required to transition yourself, which means you are also responsible for ensuring that you know when a Training Package is superseded. The best way to be kept up to date with what is happening with Training Packages is to subscribe to and select the Training Packages you wish to be notified with changes. It is also a good idea to click on “notify me of changes” for your RTO.

When applying for a qualification to be “transitioned” you will be required to log into ASQAnet and apply for an Amendment to Scope. Additional evidence is NOT required with an application to ADD training products to your scope if you HAVE ticked the ‘transition’ box and selected the qualification or course from your current scope that you believe entitles you to transitional registration. You will also be required to pay a fee, which will depend on how many qualifications you need to “transition”, for applying for an Amendment to Scope.

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