Registered training organisations in Australia must meet standards for RTOs that have been established by the Australian Skills Quality Authority or ASQA. Running an RTO is difficult enough and having to make sure that the organisation meets all of the requirements set forth can be a time-consuming task. That is where Vivacity can help.

Vivacity is an RTO coaching and consulting firm that provides compliance services for registered training organisations throughout all of Australia. The company can help you and your organisation make sure that it meets all of the current standards for RTOs. A wide range of services is available, including those for established RTOs as well as those looking to become registered.

A number of packages are available such as the RTO Kickstart for companies that are looking to become registered as a training organisation. A step-by-step guide is provided to ensure your organisation becomes registered and achieves RTO status. Once an organisation is registered, it must then maintain the standards for RTOs. Vivacity provides packages to make sure those standards are met.

The RTO SystemsCheck is the best way for businesses to get an idea of their current level of compliance. As part of the SystemsCheck, Vivacity provides two full days of coaching and consulting to make sure that all questions regarding compliance are answered.

Other packages include the RTO Coach, RTO Reboot, ComplianceDocs, and RTO AddOn. You can learn more about these as well as workshops and other training offered by the company to ensure your RTO maintains compliance and is successful. Visit or call 1300 729 455 for more information.